Spindleless Log Peeling Machine

Our Spindleless Log Peeling Machine is available in different varieties such as Hydro Pneumatic Machine, Hydro Spindle Pneumatic Machine, and others. These products have been designed with special focus on working length and diameter. It is easy to control. Working speed and net weight of Rotary Log Peeling Machine depends upon the model. Our log peeler is also suitable for curved wood and can even process thin wood of really small diameters..

Parameters of log debarker machine

  • Model JEC 1400
  • Length of the Balde (mm) 1400
  • Max. Debarking Length (mm) 1400
  • Hydraulic Station Power (H.P) 3
  • Main Motor (H.P.) 3
  • Main Motor (H.P.) 17.5
  • Dimension of Debarking (mm) : 2800x1795x1350
  • Facilitate double speed cutting