Jamuna Engineering Particle board (PB) production line :

Jamuna Engineering Particle board (PB) production line : People around the world turn to look for an efficient way to make the best use of forestry resources and agricultural wastes since the forestry resources getting less and more expensive. The wood-based panel industry is now booming for wood-based panels (e.g.: Particle board, MDF, HDF, block board, laminated wood board and etc.) have a lot of good features and advantages. Firstly, the wood-based panels greatly increase the utilization rate of forestry resources. One cubic meter artificial board can work as (about) three cubic meters of real wood. And the most important thing is that the wood-based panel industry can make best use of waste wood, sawdust, used furniture, cotton stalk, rice straw, wheat straw and even a lot of some other agricultural wastes like sugar cane wastes, cotton stalk and etc. So, wood-based panels are also environment-friendly and energy-saving. Our particle board production line consists of series of advanced machines and equipment, which make the best use of logs, branches, waste wood, bamboo, stalk, straw, and other wood or non-wood fiber

Automatic Particle Board Production Line

  • Make the best use of waste wood
  • Environment-friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • Prompt delivery

Jamuna Engineering Particle board (PB) production line :

  • Flaker machine(used in wood)
  • Chipper machine(used in wood)
  • Hammer mill
  • Rotary dryer
  • Screening
  • Glue Blander
  • Mat Forming
  • Continuous pressures machine
  • Cross cut saw and 2 blades mat trimming saw
  • Wide belt conveyor with e-scale
  • Hydraulic Hot press
  • Star cooler with roller conveyor
  • Automatic trimming saw
  • Wide belt sander