Automatic Particle Board Production Line

India first company who manufactured log debarker machine & round-up machine jec 1400 & 1401. This is the newest model log debarker for spindleless core veneer peeling & rotary machine. It can be used instead of rosser head log debarker . It can bark the skin of the log and then make the log round. It will be more convenient for spindle less veneer peeling lathe & other peeling machine to peel the log. The tool carriage is driven by hydraulic, so can make the enough extruding pressure to hold the lod can bark it. The operator only needs to control the handle in the front control panel , then adjest the tool carriage forward and back.

Parameters of log debarker machine

  • Model JEC 1400
  • Length of the Balde (mm) 1400
  • Max. Debarking Length (mm) 1400
  • Hydraulic Station Power (H.P) 3
  • Main Motor (H.P.) 3
  • Main Motor (H.P.) 17.5
  • Dimension of Debarking (mm) : 2800x1795x1350
  • Facilitate double speed cutting