Working Principle

Based On the traditional structure of the rotary drum dryer, the scattered rotary cylinder dryer adds scatter device along the axis of the cylinder. After added into the cylinder. Firstly the material is hit, broken by the device in the process of falling and then it is repeatedly grabbed,lift,fallen and beaten. The surface area of the shattered materials increased rapidly, and contact withhot air sufficiently to transfer heat and mass. finally, it meets the drying requirements.

Performance Characteristics

  • Large capacity , continuous and stable operation ;
  • High flexibility in operation.
  • Rotary speed and scattering device speed can be adjusted, and can meet the requirements of different materials;
  • It can meet the drying requirement by choosing different structure forms the copy board.
  • Because of the crushing effect on material scattering device, the heat efficiency is improved.

Adapted materials

SD series dryer can be widely used in drying process brewery, pharmaceutical factory, sugar, soy sauce and vinegar factory , food factory , farm,sewage treatment plants and high waste and a variety of chemical raw materials.


beer lees,distiller's grains,antibiotic residue,peat,chicken manure, live the red mud silt sugar, PVC, inorganic salt, compound fertilizer, cement raw material , clay , starch , organic powder materials, coal, ore, quartz sand.