Dryer capacity material 950 - 1000 Sheets / Day

  • Chip Board dryer out shell thickness 10mm
  • Inner side two shell thickness 8mm
  • Dryer rings thickness 60 to 65mm x 150mm width
  • Dryer frame channel size 75mm x 200mm
  • Couple with 04 rollers dryer wheel cast iron
  • Forged Dia 460mm x 175mm with bearing and brackets
  • Reinforcement rings with channels 21/2" x 5"
  • Dryer with Dynamic Balance with insulation
  • Dryer insulation with glass wool thickness 65 mm and conversing
  • sheet thickness 26 gauge
  • Dryer coupled with variable Gear and motor (7.5KW) 6 to 7 R.P.M

Dust Feeding Blower

  • With Dust Burner
  • Dust Feeding Blower coupled with Motor 7.5 H.P Brackets and Bearings.

Cyclone For Dry Material (Without Structure)

  • Dryer material collection cyclone
  • Dia 2000 mm x 2000 mm x 5mm
  • With inlet outlet and exhaust connectors

Heating Chamber (Without Bricks)

  • For hot gasses dia 2700 mm x 4880 mm x 6mm(Bottom side opened and top side closed)
  • Heating chamber to dryer pipelines
  • Dia 1000 mm x 6 mm
  • Total Length 1000 mm (Without Pipe)

Blower For Dryer

  • Pneumatic Blower: 387000 CuM/Hr
  • Blower Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Blower will be fitted with V-Belt drive fan structure will be fabricated with 10mm sheet thickness with accessories according to capacity(Without Motor 55 Kw)