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28 Years of Industry Experience
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Dipping Machine

We are engaged in manufacturing a broad range of Dipping Machines that we manufacture from the quality raw materials. These Machines are widely used and have found applications in the electric panels and remote boards and many more.This is new generation machine. This is used for chemical coating at the flush door Plywood and ply board
  • Fitted with Electrical Starter
  • Temp Meter fitted (Optional)
  • Heavy gauge chemical tank
  • Whipper fitted
  • Neoprene rubber roller Fitted
  • Structures is heavy duty

Plus Points of Dipping Machine

  • After coating the chemical at the ply with machine. There are no lines at the ply
  • As we coated chemical with brush or cloth at the ply. There are lines of different shades appear at ply. With machine coatings there are not such appearance
  • Much saving of chemical
  • Reducing labor and labor cost
  • Increase the production

Technical Specification of Dipping Machine

  • Body Heavy duty M.S. Sheet 15mm
  • Base Frame Heavy Duty M.S.
  • Chemical tank: Heavy Duty 4mm sheet coated with rubber surface base
  • Nos of Rollers: Twelve rubber roller
  • Motors: Two Motors 3 HP each
  • Gear Box Two gear boxes 3" center
  • Pump: One 1 HP pump
  • Steam coil: One steam coil for heating chemical (Optional)
  • Guides: Both sides are fitted with guides for straight movement of ply
  • Fitter: Fitted with M.S mesh for filter the chemical.